The Hip Thruster completely changed the shape of my glutes - Karey Northington

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Tawna Eubanks, 4x Olympian and 3x IFBB Champion

"The booty is a high priority as a Bikini competitor and of course just being a woman in general! When I got serious about glute training and pushing serious weight, the Hip Thruster was a necessity."

Sohee Lee, IFPA Pro

"The Hip Thruster is my favourite piece of equipment in my garage gym. Ever since I purchased the Hip Thruster, my glute training game has been taken to a whole end level. What's more, I won my IFPA bikini pro card, thanks in no small part to this ingenious apparatus!"

Allison Rattay, Mum of 3

"I’m a hip thrust junkie and attribute my bootie growth to hip thrusting. I love to hip thrust with bands at home on my Hip Thruster. It’s so much quicker than setting up with a barbell at the gym but still a great workout! I’m in love with my Hip Thruster - it’s my obsession and totally worth it!"

Build strong, toned glutes to look great, improve sports performance and increase lower body strength